"Nonstop imagery is our surround, but when it comes to remembering, the photograph has the deeper bite....
In an era of information overload, the photograph..is like a quotation, or a maxim or proverb."
(Susan Sontag: Regarding the Pain of Others 2003)

01 April, 2008

Inquest News -

So - 89 days and £10 million later - is it far-fetched to hope that the late Diana, Princess of Wales, can now rest in peace? Just a thought - would you perhaps prefer to continue seeing now familiar images of Diana on the front pages? Or are you now happier to feast your eyes on the likes of equally troubled young women who appear to have stumbled into the vacuum left by Diana's untimely death? Viz - Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Posh, Cheryl, Kerry et al? Discuss: